Saturday, January 30, 2010

the end of Brangelina?

Is it really over for Hollywood's first couple, brad Pitt and Angelina jolie? Brangelina's absence from both SAG awards and the Golden Globes has created some specualtions that the two have split and that Jennifer Aniston is taking brad back. U.S. major tabloids claim that the couple have called it quits for some unclear reasons. But sources close to the couple including Angie's father denies rumors saying that the two are still together and their absence from the red carpet recently are their personal choice as the two are busy with Angelina filming her new movie "the tourist" co-starring johnny depp and brad has to look after the kids.

another source close to the couple confirms that the two are getting ready for the Oscars. the source says:
"Angelina and Brad are still very much together. They’re even in the process of planning out their Oscar outfits. Brad wanted to make sure he didn’t clash with Angelina, who’s putting some serious thought into her choices. They are still a couple.”

lets hope the rumors are totally baseless.

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