Monday, April 19, 2010

cover madness: star studded vogue paris

i didnt really know Carine Roitfeld actually have a lil anna wintour in her. in the may 2010 issue of vogue paris, their cover was graced by 6 lovely powerful women of hollywood, which truly comes a as a suprise to me. Penelope cruz, meryl streep, julianne moore, gwyneth paltrow, kate winslet and naomi watts were looking fierce (and totally photoshopped, which btw, i dont find as such a big deal in this highly advanced taechnology days, i mean, what were those innovations made for? ). i didnt have an idea that vogue paris is also up with those hollywood stars who are being recycled over and over by her vogue-mate, devil-anna.

this is the third May-issue mag cover of gwyneth including british vogue and harper's bazaar.

cover madness: jake for GQ

jake is the kind of guy that i dont always find hot or sexy or attractive but in this cover shoot he did for men's magazine GQ, he is absolutely drop-dead hotness! i mean, seriously, look how dapper but at the same time a lil scruffy he is but still pulling it off in a khaki suit and slim tie. although this is a decent photo and i have already seen pictures of him flashing his package, still you cant help but fantasize about him being naked.

oh, i dont know about you but i, sure as hell, loves this jake right here.

the code that has been haunting me: RB 2140

RB 2140 54mm. these codes have been haunting me in my dreams and even when i am fully awake, they keep on flashing in my mind and seems to speak a language that only me and this thing could understand. it keeps on speaking in a sweet melody of a joyful affair which has not stopped even once when it first started, as a matter of fact, it keeps on getting stronger and the words seems to get louder.

yes people of the earth and of the extra terrestrial, i am truly and seriously obsessed with these sunnies more popularly known as the wayfarers. these classic sunglasses never fails to add character in ones get-up and just makes it even more stylish. first introduced in 1952, the wayfarer had enjoyed its popularity until the 1960s from a range of fans who fancied its unique form and style. though the sunglasses kind of shied away from the scene, a product-placement deal in 1982 brought the wayfarers back to the top of the style pyramid. since the mid 2000s, it had experienced a variety of revivals including the uber popular, colored wayfarers. after the redesigns and the facing-out of the original style, the company had noticed that celebrities started to wear the vintage design and that similar items actually commands high price in ebay, giving them hint for the reintroduction of the original design.

i just love the vintage/classic feel of the wayfarer. its something that goes with anything that you wear plus there is just that kind of attitude when you wear it, i dont know, maybe its because of the blues brothers movie or tom cruise's Risky business.