Saturday, March 27, 2010

Louboutins that Kills!

O M G! those pair of loubotins is immaculate! truly breath-taking! shoes that only Victoria Beckham would wear like its her daily regular footwear. i am really speechless with this picture, indeed its a sight to behold.

p.s. how do you think this girl walk on those "painful-sacrifice" kind-of-shoes when both her poor feet looks broken?. i bet she just stood there the entire time and took the pair off in favor of flip-flops when she left the scene! lol For the love of Fashion. bow.

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camel. not the lousy desert animal.

Stefano Pilati of YSL

random ladies in Paris

im really planning on getting myself a camel colored long-sleeved top like the one worn by Stefano Pilati of YSL. the color is very light and fresh looking, something that you dont actually see yourself sweating in. ive been thingking about it, as a matter of fact, its been haunting me in my dreams! like seriously!lolz but no, i really wanna get myself one but since here in my city the selection of clothes especially for men is quite minimal, i thought of just getting it custom made. but now the problem is the fabric which is more minimal here. lol

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get ready for Tom Ford kisses

american designer Tom Ford has teamed up with cosmetics giant Estee Lauder and will release a lipstick collection soon. the collection has 12 colors and is made up of soja seed extract, Brazilian murumuru butter and chamomilla flower oil, intended to offer a creamy texture and easy application.

Tom Ford says:

“This is my take on 12 classic lip colors. I took the most universally flattering colors that a woman can wear, and then I reimagined them in a modern and authoritative way. These are signature lip colors for the makeup connoisseur.

emma watson tries hard.

this is not really a fashion hit but i thought of posting this because of some random reason. but before we get to that let me just discus a little about this thing emma sported. the bra part looks granny-ish, the lace and leather is fine, but the floral embroidery is gross! it reminds of those really cheap grandma padded embroidered tops that are sold in department stores which, btw, was never fashionable! now, for the reason why i posted this photo... the ladies behind her are sporting some really hot designer heels. the one on the left (black dress) is wearing a pair of proenza schouler while the lady in pink wears gucci, both S/S 2010. lol

Mary-Kate, the more fashionable Olsen.

its pretty obvious that i really love and admire MKO's fashion sense (which is why she's my blog's muse), like how she put her clothes together, you know, the crazy miss-matching that she does. its very fascinating how she just kind of like throw all items that she has on her closet and still looking like a real fashionista. i know, a lot of people does'nt exactly understand her style but i personally think its fierce and i would actually dress my self like that if i have the kind of closet this olsen has. she and sister ashley are one of the very rare celebrities who actually have the credibility to do their own clothing line, and that explains why "elizabeth & james" and "The Row" their clothing lines, stood out from all those celebrity-designed brands and gained success in the market.

p.s. : look how full her Hermes Birkin is, its almost gonna blow. and that joker inspired cropped-jacket she is wearing,.. her twin ashley already wore that in a party they attended.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Katherine's wardrobe malfunction

Grey's Anatomy star Katherine Heigl had some wardrobe malfunction while giving out her speech as she accepted her ShoWest Female Star of the Year Award in Las Vegas (oh? well, shes a good actress, right?). the strap of the actress's Donna Karan dress all of a sudden popped due to some uknown reasons! haha well, good thing that guy right there, Billy Bush of access hollywood came to the rescue and even held Katherine's strap until she finished her speech.

be inspired: "i did'nt try sooo hard" look

simple yet a killer. with a leopard print pump, faded jeans, statement purse and rocker shirt, you're ready to Flirt!

Oscar Curse?

Michelle Mcgee (the third party,which BTW, totally gross! lol)

Sandra and husband Jesse James

could there be a real Oscar Curse? Kate Winslet separated from husband stage director Sam Mendes after nearly 7 years of marriage a few weeks or months after she won her first Oscar for best actress for the movie "the Reader". Now, After Sandra Bullock won her first ever academy award as the best actress for her portrayal in a drama "the Blindside", reports then surfaced that her husband Jesse James cheated on her and had a fling with a tattoed lady. Jesse did not deny the rumors and admitted to having a fling or affair with the woman named Michelle Mcgee that lasted for 11 months. a source revealed that michelle first "friend-requested" Jesse in myspace, and after couple of days time, he then started writing and calling michelle.
Jesse has released the following statement on

"There is only one person to blame for this whole situation, and that is me, It's because of my poor judgment that I deserve everything bad that is coming my way."

Michell turned over (duh! pretty sure she got paid $$$) the text messages she and jesse had exchange during their 11-month fling which were mostly during the time when Sandra was still filming "the Blindside" and some even as recent as March 14, just days after Sandra accepted her Oscar with her husband in the audience looking very proud and faithful.

Sandra has yet to release her own side of the story. meanwhile, Michelle Mcgee is also alleged to be a white supremicist or a fan of the Nazzi and their beliefs, due to the "W" and "P" tatoos which stands for White Power on both her legs.

Variations in the runways

the Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2010 show:

Supermodel Elle Mcpherson
VS Angel Karolina Kurkova
VS Angel Adriana Lima
Bar Rafeli

yes, you are seeing real pictures, unedited! this is Majah variation in a paris runway! in the recent Louis Vuitton Fall Winter 2010, Supermodels were tapped by the house's creative director Marc Jacobs to strut their stuffs and work it out just like runway fixture Natasha Poly. Adriana Lima, Karolina Kurkova, Alessandra Ambrosio, Bar Rafeli and legendary Supermodel Elle "the body" Mcpherson walked on the Vuitton runway last March 8 , 2010 in Paris, which is quite strange and very unusual considering how skinny the models are when it comes to shows like vuitton and any other luxury house there is. in the past years, supermodels have had no luck in shows like this since their era is kind of considered "dead" and the trend now are models that are pretty muck skin-only and has no flesh at all. if we base it in the latest "figure standard" for a regular couture model, our Supermodels can be considered FAT already, although they are just curvy. but you know how the designers and casting directors get, they're usually mean and calls size 2 "big". good thing Marc Jacobs had thought to break the monolopy of the skinny model trend and sent out Victoria Secret Angels and closed his show by a Legend known as"the Body".

the Return of the never read! lolz

WOW! it seems like forever! when was the last time i actually posted something here? that probably was like 5oo centuries ago... kidding! lolz my last post was obviously on Feb when the iconic mr. Mcqueen left. ok, enough of that already. lets move on now as the rest of the fashion universe has moved on and showcased their collections for the fall winter 2010 season.

so, "many" (assuming thousands of you actually read this very fashion-informative blog. lol) of you might ask, what do i have something for my return to the cyber world?... well, quite frankly i dont really know as well. i think it will pretty be just kind of random like it used to be. but rest assured, its gonna be something relevant and ofcourse interesting. and BTW, i have been M.I.A. in T.O.C. because of a shitteous technical error that i still have to figure out. my F*cking laptop doesn't allow me to even open let alone log in to my blog. yeah! but then again, im back so lets all get over it! lol