Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mary-Kate, the more fashionable Olsen.

its pretty obvious that i really love and admire MKO's fashion sense (which is why she's my blog's muse), like how she put her clothes together, you know, the crazy miss-matching that she does. its very fascinating how she just kind of like throw all items that she has on her closet and still looking like a real fashionista. i know, a lot of people does'nt exactly understand her style but i personally think its fierce and i would actually dress my self like that if i have the kind of closet this olsen has. she and sister ashley are one of the very rare celebrities who actually have the credibility to do their own clothing line, and that explains why "elizabeth & james" and "The Row" their clothing lines, stood out from all those celebrity-designed brands and gained success in the market.

p.s. : look how full her Hermes Birkin is, its almost gonna blow. and that joker inspired cropped-jacket she is wearing,.. her twin ashley already wore that in a party they attended.

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