Friday, February 12, 2010

a tribute to the icon, Alexander Mcqueen.

as a very theatrical designer, Alexander's creation has always been one-of-a-kind and out-of-this-world. His clothes are always stylishly-advance thus making them unforgettable even after the season. lets take a look back on his masterpieces.

ladies and Gentlemen, here's the Knight-of-fashion Mr. Alexander Mcqueen's most stunning creations...

i have seen these photos merely million times already but it still gives me goose bumps. pieces which gave us the idea that fashion is indeed beyond art, its not waste and not luxurious junk. these are creations that just dont speak, they scream with total sense. an absolute visual-stunner and unbelievably entertaining, a well deserved standing ovation... Thank you, Mr. McQueen.

the runways will never be the same without you...

Stars mourn Mcqueen's death

Sarah Jessica Parker says:

“My heart goes out to his family and all those who worked for and with him. In his atelier, his showroom, his stores and various business interests that were so rapidly growing, he was beloved. By all of them.

“What is more devastating is that despite all his success thus far, creatively, critically and commercially, . His greatest achievements lay ahead of him. The future would be whatever he hoped to make of it.

Kate moss's rep:

"Kate is shocked and devastated at the tragic loss of her dear friend Lee McQueen. Her thoughts are with his family at this sad time. We would also ask that Kate's privacy is respected."

other A-list stars and celeb tweeted their thoughts:

Dita Von Teese: "Rest in peace, Mr. McQueen."

Kirstie Alley: ALEXANDER MCQUEEN…you made big bottomed and not so big bottomed girls all over the world look stunning..come back soon..give it another go"

Kim Kardashian: I just found out Alexander McQueen died!!! I'm in shock! So sad! I'm wearing one of his dresses now! He was such a talented designer"

Russell Simmons: "Nice guy commited suicide. Hurts to hear"

Kelly Osbourne: "i am so so sad to hear the news of Lee (Alexander) McQueen! i really just dont know what say im really in shock"

Rachel Zoe: "I cant describe the tragic loss of such a brilliant man and designer Alexander McQueen..R.I.P xo RZ"

Joel Madden: "R.I.P. Alexander McQueen. You were one of the best man. Always hoped to meet you."

Mr. McQueen, follow the light... Bon Voyage.

R.I.P. ALexander McQueen, 1969-2010

Iconic fashion designer Alexander "lee" McQueen was found hanging dead in his london home, Thursday. Speculation is that McQueen was completely devastated by the recent loss of his beloved mother, and out of depression, hanged himself to death.

His mother, Joyce died on feb 02, 2010 and he took it so heavily. in one of McQueen's interview he was qouted as saying that his greatest fear was "to die before you", referring to his mother. aside from moms death, Lee McQueen also faced sadness as close pal isabella blow left 3 years ago and last years death of his aunt Dolly, a fixture in all his shows. He was also facing pressure to complete his Fall/Winter 2010 women's wear collection that's set to be launched on Paris next month.

The death of one of the worlds fashion genius has sent out million-bolt of shock waves to the fashion industry especially at the opening of an important event, the New York's fashion week. Alexander's friends and colleagues received the devastating news right at the beginning of the first major show beneath the tent at Bryant Park. Right after the last model walked off the runway, Vogue-editor-in-chief Anna Wintour quickly and immediately stepped out as other guests remained seated, stunned and shocked.

This is probably one of Fashion world's most devastating news. He might not be as great and legendary as Yves Saint Laurent but he sure as hell brought the style and haute couture perspective to an astronomical level sending breath-taking items on the runway especially in his last collection, dubbed "Plato's Atlantis".

I personally mourn for his loss. Ciao Mr. McQueen, you will be remembered... forever.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mtv's new look

not that big of a deal but still....

MTV is known to most people around the globe as a channel entirely devoted to Music but this image has change for the past couple of years. as many of you have noticed and have noticed it first before the excecs at MTV did, the network now has become more like a reality-show channel than a music-television as what they claim in their famous tag line. these days we see more awards nights and shows that obviously has no sense at all but is entertaining for most people (oh please! thats the jersey shore!), programs that have made them thrive in the media industry, than music videos. so to make it more appropriate, MTV has dropped the "music television" tag line after so many years of it being there.

according to sources, MTV is now working on a new tagline to match their new logo.
what dont they try, MTV- snooki's-boobs-on-your-face-television. no??!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Monroe's new unreleased photos

here are photographs of iconic bombshel Marilyn Monroe shot at the apartment of her friend, Pulitzer prize-winner poet Carl Sandburg,these were taken on December of 1961 just 9 months before her tragic death. The photos will range from $1,999 to $3,999.

its so nice to see her lounge and laugh naturally close to her alleged suicidal.

a true blonde beauty.

be inspired: stylishly Rock

blacks and grays with studs if you may. be Queen of rock in kings of leon's shirt in gray.

be inspired: organic indie chick

perfect for a long walk down shopping lane with the cobblestone sidewalk under the afternoon sun.

be inspired: printed shirts and light pastels


be light and spring-ish without being too flowery, light pastels are the key.

be inspired: make PETA happy in "animal PRINT-only"

this season, be ferosh in animal print. put on some printed-twist on your basics.

p.s. i love mary-kate! she the more ferosh olsen!

be inspired: brezzy in tie-dye

make a tie-dye tanktop look more sophisticated by pairing it with decent pair of jeans and some heels.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

spring-summer 2010 goes sporty!

sportsmax s/s 2010

the runways of the women's spring -summer 2010 points a very clear path towards the sporty side of fashion. stripes, sweaters, varsity jackets and the denominator, the socks. alexander wang was very clear with what inspired him for his latest collection sending out stripes, sweatpants, shorts and padded varsity jackets on his paris runway, something that we envision the jocks from college would wear.
the collections were sporty indeed but there were no sneakers or training shoes to be seen. so trade those chucks and nikes for a classier, sophisticated and more feminine heeled stunners.

mr. and mrs. Beckham out! ronaldo and fox in!

since David and Victoria did not renew their contract as the face of Armani because posh wanted to focus on her own line, Giorgio tapped some of the world's hottest and sexiest individuals, soccer stud Christiano Ronaldo and sexy actress Megan Fox. and the photos are a breath-taking showdown of Skin and Curves. a boob for a boob and some balls for the other pair of balls.

well, Megan did not fail us esp giorgio! miz fox made good use of her famous curves and seductive face to kill Victoria's photos and erase it from our minds. Bitch looks sexy with her long black wavy hair, a killer of Victoria's famous pixie cut.

megan fox flaunts it

meanwhile, here's Posh's "not-so-boring"very own version.

in comparison, i think more boys and boys-at-heart will give more shit on Fox's photos than Posh's. i mean, Victoria is hot and sexy but Megan is all the rave these days plus she's hotter and sexier. and generally more perverts will dig a Ho over a courgar! lol who's photo gave u a boner?


look how that thing points to the right which is his left! lol

OH MY GOD!!!! i dont even know where to start!!!... the balls, whole package, body and face!
wow! just breath-taking. the photos are so HOT i almost died! i don't really think description is necessary, the pictures speak for themselves and so are his balls! Christiano in briefs??? im sure as hell im gona vote him as one of the new 7 wonders of the world, next to David.

on the other hand, heres David flashing all his glory for last years Emporio Armani ad.
i have not gotten over these beckham photos. there a total masterpiece, as precious as the Mona lisa portrait!

so who do you think did better? which girl killed it and which stud nailed it?!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

health rumors, true or not?

here are some of the craziest health and food rumors that we people believe in... find out which one are you guilty of.

1. Working out on an empty stomach burns more fat.

When you exercise, your body burns calories from both fat and carbohydrates. Recent studies show that working out on an empty stomach might burn a few more fat calories since you don’t have as many carb calories to spare, but overall calorie burn is about the same. And, based on research so far, that's what really counts when it comes to fitting into a smaller size. It does, but don't expect any fat-melting miracles
2. Does Listerine mouthwash help keep mosquitoes away?

No. Although Internet postings swear it's true, scientists beg to differ. Our research has found that people who sprayed Listerine on their arms were just as likely to be bitten as those who didn't use any repellent, says Grayson Brown, PhD, a University of Kentucky public health entomologist. The myth persists thanks to a strong placebo effect and because Listerine has eucalyptol, an ingredient found in some botanical bug sprays. But the concentration in mouthwash (less than 1%) is too low to have an impact.

3. Spicy foods boost metabolism

I wish! Your metabolic rate is determined by your gender, height, present weight/body composition, and age. These factors determine the amount of calories the body will burn to maintain the basic functions of life that occur even when we sleep—the energy used by the heart, brain, lungs, intestines, etc. Eating spicy foods cannot significantly increase metabolic rate and help you burn more calories at rest. Although your body temperature may temporarily rise and your heart may beat a bit faster after eating "hot" foods, over the long term spices will not make any changes in the rate of metabolism.

4. It’s safe to follow the 5-second rule for dropped food

It's probably not even safe to follow a 1-second rule: The transfer of bacteria from a contaminated surface to food is almost instantaneous—or, at the very least, quicker than your reflexes. In one study, Clemson University food scientist Paul Dawson, PhD, and students contaminated several surfaces (ceramic tile, wood flooring, and carpet) with salmonella. They then dropped pieces of bologna and slices of bread on the surfaces for as little as 5 seconds and as long as 60 seconds. After just 5 seconds, both food types had already picked up as many as 1,800 bacteria (more bad bugs adhered to the moisture-rich bologna than the bread); after a full minute, it was up to 10 times that amount.

katy to play as an ADDAMS???

here's the newly engaged katy perry at the 2010 grammy awards wearing a verry matronly outfit courtesy of my close friend Zac Posen complete with a Halloween appropriate hair-dont which seems to be the curly version of the classy Morticia, wife to Gomez Addams of The Addams family.

katy, im sorry... its a NO! ur not going to hollywood or anywhere but home!

its Britney Bitch!


dear britney,

im one of your die hard fans who has always supported you and believed in you even during those days when you did nothing but go to starbucks wearing neon-pink wig.

i love all your songs except "lucky", i watched "crossroads" even if it deserves a raspberry award and i love you, i know ur body is gorgeous now but........... your clothes.... that's NOT for you, that will NEVER gonna be for you. as a matter of fact, that's not for anybody! i'll just give you credit for your pretty face!


momma lynne spears

miley and the horse tail

Miley "the teeth" cyrus was quite fashionable in a Herve leger by max azria dress at the 52 annual grammy awards, but i couldnt help but notice and be annoyed with her mismatched hair extensions. the tween queen showed up at the red carpet event looking like there was a horse standing behind her and she used the tail as scarf. i really think she ruined her entire look with that piece of fake coif!

sweetie, dont get me wrong, is still like ur look and i like u better now as a human being than i did before... wink!