Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mtv's new look

not that big of a deal but still....

MTV is known to most people around the globe as a channel entirely devoted to Music but this image has change for the past couple of years. as many of you have noticed and have noticed it first before the excecs at MTV did, the network now has become more like a reality-show channel than a music-television as what they claim in their famous tag line. these days we see more awards nights and shows that obviously has no sense at all but is entertaining for most people (oh please! thats the jersey shore!), programs that have made them thrive in the media industry, than music videos. so to make it more appropriate, MTV has dropped the "music television" tag line after so many years of it being there.

according to sources, MTV is now working on a new tagline to match their new logo.
what dont they try, MTV- snooki's-boobs-on-your-face-television. no??!

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