Wednesday, February 3, 2010

mr. and mrs. Beckham out! ronaldo and fox in!

since David and Victoria did not renew their contract as the face of Armani because posh wanted to focus on her own line, Giorgio tapped some of the world's hottest and sexiest individuals, soccer stud Christiano Ronaldo and sexy actress Megan Fox. and the photos are a breath-taking showdown of Skin and Curves. a boob for a boob and some balls for the other pair of balls.

well, Megan did not fail us esp giorgio! miz fox made good use of her famous curves and seductive face to kill Victoria's photos and erase it from our minds. Bitch looks sexy with her long black wavy hair, a killer of Victoria's famous pixie cut.

megan fox flaunts it

meanwhile, here's Posh's "not-so-boring"very own version.

in comparison, i think more boys and boys-at-heart will give more shit on Fox's photos than Posh's. i mean, Victoria is hot and sexy but Megan is all the rave these days plus she's hotter and sexier. and generally more perverts will dig a Ho over a courgar! lol who's photo gave u a boner?


look how that thing points to the right which is his left! lol

OH MY GOD!!!! i dont even know where to start!!!... the balls, whole package, body and face!
wow! just breath-taking. the photos are so HOT i almost died! i don't really think description is necessary, the pictures speak for themselves and so are his balls! Christiano in briefs??? im sure as hell im gona vote him as one of the new 7 wonders of the world, next to David.

on the other hand, heres David flashing all his glory for last years Emporio Armani ad.
i have not gotten over these beckham photos. there a total masterpiece, as precious as the Mona lisa portrait!

so who do you think did better? which girl killed it and which stud nailed it?!

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