Monday, March 22, 2010

the Return of the never read! lolz

WOW! it seems like forever! when was the last time i actually posted something here? that probably was like 5oo centuries ago... kidding! lolz my last post was obviously on Feb when the iconic mr. Mcqueen left. ok, enough of that already. lets move on now as the rest of the fashion universe has moved on and showcased their collections for the fall winter 2010 season.

so, "many" (assuming thousands of you actually read this very fashion-informative blog. lol) of you might ask, what do i have something for my return to the cyber world?... well, quite frankly i dont really know as well. i think it will pretty be just kind of random like it used to be. but rest assured, its gonna be something relevant and ofcourse interesting. and BTW, i have been M.I.A. in T.O.C. because of a shitteous technical error that i still have to figure out. my F*cking laptop doesn't allow me to even open let alone log in to my blog. yeah! but then again, im back so lets all get over it! lol

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