Saturday, January 30, 2010

AVATAR finally sunk Titanic!

and the expected happened. James Cameron's technologically advanced sci-fi movie Avatar has finally beaten his other movie Titanic in the top-grossing-film-of-all-time spot. The movie has passed the $1.292 billion mark this weekend in its overseas haul making it the new top-grossing movie of all time!

Titanic which stars leonardo and kate stayed in the top spot for an impressive 13 years, with an international box-office record of $1.242 billion (or roughly $50 million less than Avatar's current cume.) although Titanic still holds the domestic title with $600.8 million to Avatar's current domestic gross of $551.7 , people behind the masterpiece are still hopeful that the movie would also steal Titanic's other record.

but i think the difference in gross isn't really that big of a deal considering that movie tickets were a lot cheaper back then and these days there are iMax theaters in which ticket prices are way double compared to the regular ones... dont cha think???

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