Saturday, January 30, 2010

apple's iPad is iFail!


ipad's application the ibook

the much anticipated addition to Apple's line of touch-screen products, has failed most people that has been dying to see it. Steve Jobs of Apple unveiled their very own 9.7-inch tablet called the iPad that can browse the internet(in full page), store pictures & music and play movies. more or less touch-enabled laptop, sans the keyboard. iPad comes in 16 gb, 32GB, 64 gb storage capacity and a 10-hour batterylife. The gadget also has a new application called the ibook, a somewhat itunes of books wherein someone can purchase an ebook directly from the ipad and store it in so you can start reading it right away.

doesn't sound much interesting to us.

What really disappointed the techies of the world besides its "name" is that the iPad doesn't have a breathtaking new technology. its just like the iphone's interface but a lot bigger and minus the phone feature making it practically a bigger version of the iPod touch. by the way almost forgot to mention, the price tag is extremely MAJER! its at 16GB ($499), 32GB ($599), and 64GB ($699)! yes sweetie, their serious.

i have this tiny laptop at home and it works just as fine. Steve, No, Thank You!

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